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Our hosting service and support during the mobility

Your professional experience abroad

We organize hosting of mobility projects in order to deliver an exceptional experience to students of vocational schools or the other organisations interested in students or staff mobilities.

Biedriba Eurofortis, well-established educational organisation working in field of implementation of EU projects for many years is well connected to Latvian schools, companies, various associations and has a strong experience as an organiser of various events as student mobilities, long-term and short-term trainings, conferences, project meetings or specific cultural visits.

Participants will have a chance to see the Latvian reality, experience life in vocational school environment, communicate to local students as well as to try the working life in specific entreprises targeted by the specific needs of your organisation.

KA1 mobilities for students and staff: Welcome

Aspects of our service

In order to contribute to an effective and high-quality planning, development, implementation and management of any mobility project, our organisation and its partners will provide the following services.

Professional guidance to help you with the basic aspects of the mobility planning

Professional Guidance to help you with the preparatory aspects

Target audience

  • Students of VET schools
  • Staff of various organisations or associations
  • Teachers for job shadowing


  • Riga, Latvia (as the main location), trips outside the city
  • In specific cases is the main location outside of Riga (for example agriculture students)

Lenght of mobility

  • Individual based on sending organization
  • 1 week to 4 weeks including arrival and departure date (majority of mobilities we hosted were 2 weeks long)


  • September – June as the main season
  • In case of specific wish July - August


  • In Latvia is the official laguage Latvian but it is very easy to communicate in English or Russian
  • English is the ideal language for the mobility

  • But our team can communicate in English, Czech, Russian, Italian and Spanish and help your students / staff to communicate

  • In case of pecific needs is possible to organise traslation from other langauges

  • Its preferable that student have the communicative level of foreign language.

Training program and social activities

We will provide the combination of school placement, company placement and social time activities. The most suitable schools and enterprises for the placement will be identified and the mobility organized according to highest expectations.

Form of mobility

  • Placement in local VET schools in combination with local enterprises

  • Placement in local VET schools only

  • Short working placements in local companies only

  • When needed we can organise a specific training for your students/staff

Fields of mobility

  • Business and sales

  • Forest, wood technologies

  • Mechanical, electronic and automotive engineering

  • Healthcare and medical

  • Building and civil engineering

  • Computer and electronic studies

  • Tourism and catering

  • Care & Beauty & Aesthetic

  • Art & culture & design

  • Textile & fashion

But in general we are very flexible and open to any specific field of mobility upon request!

Social activities

  • Participants will be guided around Riga

  • During the weekdays articipants will experience various cultural/sport activities upon their expectations

  • On the weekend participants will experience guided trip to heartland of Latvia

  • Participants will visit Jurmala and the seaside

Free time

  • There will be enough free time to relax or prepare for specific projects

Technical service

Everything you need to feel comfortable


  • Transfer from/to airport or the central bus station
  • Transport in Riga

  • Organised transport for trips outside the city


  • Comfortable place in central location close to public transport, shopping and the old town

  • Double / maximum triple rooms for students

  • Accompaning persons with their own privacy


  • Breakfast / lunch / dinner

  • Local specialities, suitable options for people with eating disorders or allergies

  • Gala dinner at the end of the experience

  • Visit of the central market to experience Latvian products and local cuisine

Assistance service and administration

Your professional guidance

24/7 service from our side

  • 24 hours of welfare ad assistance

  • Safety training

  • Experience in problem solving

  • Tutoring and mentoring on place

Administrative support during the project process

  • Administrative support with the application and reporting

  • Preparation of “Experience manual”/materials needed for the mobility

  • Cooperation in laying out the Learning agreement/Mobility agreement for each participant, in line with EU recommendations, in particular EQF, ECVET and EQARF

  • Assistance with preparation of Europass Mobility document for the participants

  • Contribution to the dissemination of project results


  • Europass mobility document

  • If visitig a specific seminar / training the certificate of participation.

  • Certification from the hosting organisations (schools / companies)

KA1 mobilities for students and staff: Clients

Why to organise the mobility with us?

Benefits for everyone

Benefits for the participants

  • The participants will be able to build their personal and professional competences in foreign school environment and foreign work environment

  • The participants will be able be able to build the social and personal competences during the stay in foreign country

  • The participants will be able be able to develop more foreign language competences

  • The participants will be able exchange experience and communicate to other young people abroad

  • The participants will be able get cultural experience and better understanding of common European heritage

Benefits for your organisation

  • Your school will obtain a competition adventage on the market offering extra curiculla (foreign experience) for your students

  • Your school will get a stronger recognition as the organisation supporting new ideas and teaching methods

  • Your school will offer foreign experience for your teachers

  • Your teachers and other staff will experience the management of EU projects, will connect with new organisations abroad with possibility for new European mobility or development projects or other innitiatives

KA1 mobilities for students and staff: About

Thinking about your mobility in Latvia?

Organisations interested in the mobility can apply for a grant by taking part in Erasmus+ programme. The application can be proceeded either as an individual vocational education organisation, or as part of a bigger "national mobility consortium"; a group of organisations managed by a single coordinating organisation.

KA1 mobilities for students and staff: Text
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