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Hosting of trainings for adult professionals

“To become strong and successful your organisation has to find the spirit of excellence to be always a bit better than you are today.”

The training “How to build the organisational excellence in schools” is internationally licensed training developed by leading European Business Excellence trainers and advisors who have experience with implementation of Excellence approach.

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“How to build the organisational excellence in schools”

6 days training on ‘Excellence’ in schools, in Riga, Latvia

The training “How to build the organisational excellence in schools” is a combination of the theoretical and practical approach, which will help you to build a culture of excellence and turn your school into a place with outstanding results, satisfied students, employees and sustainable future.

This course will bring you an understanding about how the ‘Excellence’ approach helps in a school environment; understanding the nine ‘Excellence Criteria’; implementation of the ‘Excellence’ process including self-assessment and usage of various supporting methods for schools; continual improvement and some fundamental basics about EFQM - the most widely used European Excellence Model.

Theoretical part is combined with practical teamwork activities – motivation for excellence in schools, exchange of experience with other schools practising, discussions, practical exercises with case studies and a self-assessment simulation.

Participants will have chance to visit and meet local school leaders who have been the practicing excellence approach for several years.

Duration of the training

The course takes 7 days (including arrival and departure day) and is organised for groups of up to 15 participants. Training starts at 16:00 Sunday afternoon.

Training dates

will be flexibly chosen based on participants

Form of the training

The course can also be organised on demand as an open public course for participants from various organisations and countries or in-house training upon request.

Target audience

  • School directors

  • Vice-directors

  • Teachers

  • Other school management personnel

Training language

English (on demand training can be translated into required language, additional charges will be made for translation).

Training location

The training location is in Riga with guaranteed social activities and one-day visit of the countryside location.

Training certification

Training is certified by Biedriba Eurofortis or in addition with official EFQM certification.

Training price

Total programme fee 990 €

  • Course fee 420 €

  • Accommodation, meals and social activities 570 €

If interested in EFQM certificate, additional price of 350 €.

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I completed the training "How to build the organizational excellence in school" in Riga, Latvia. The program was implemented through an Erasmus grant. Thanks to this program, I have mastered the methods of correctly applying systematic and conceptual self-evaluation in the conditions of school management. In addition, I gained knowledge and specific know-how from good practice abroad / visit to the Dobeles Valsts Gimnazija school /. I added language skills: English, Russian. I have improved my knowledge of the social, linguistic and cultural issues of Latvia. I built new contacts and strengthened cooperation with a partner institution /e.g. for new Erasmus projects. I had the opportunity to meet new people who care about excellence implementation and personal professional growth. From the Eurofortis site, it was a professionally managed organization of activities, including full expertise in the content of the program.

Miloš Harmady, KSŠ sv. Vincenta de Paul Levice, Slovakia

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Interested in our training?

You can apply for the Erasmus+ grant to participate.

You can apply for Erasmus+ funding (Key Action 1) to finance mobility training for staff, teachers and professionals in the education sector. Grant covers travel costs, living expenses, course fee and preparation costs.
We will be happy to help with information and advice for your Erasmus+ application.
Of course, you can also get your funding from other sources than Erasmus+. Feel free to contact us.

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